Climate Change Adaptation and Awareness
With funding from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust,
the Saugus River Watershed Council is working with students, residents, waterfront property owners, businesses and local public officials to mitigate ongoing and anticipated negative impacts of climate change on the natural resources of the Saugus River watershed. 

The Council is now working with local communities to develop adaptation strategies and plans to minimize the negative impacts of climate change on natural resources in the Saugus River watershed.

Development Strategies for Promoting Coastal Resiliency and Sustainability:  Resources for community leaders, property owners, developers and builders. June 2015.

Climate Adaptation Strategies to Protect Coastal Resources for the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site. Final Report, 2015.

January 29th Workshop Resources: 
Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

"Climate Change in New England"

Presentation by Kevin Knobloch, President

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Awareness Curriculum

Now Available to Schools

Protecting Watershed Resources in a Changing Climate

Presentations from workshops for municipal officials, environmental professionals and community leaders

Massachusetts:  Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast

Summary prepared by Union of Concerned Scientists based upon "Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast:  Science, Impacts, and Solutions", a report of the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment. For additional information go to: