What You Can Do - About Aquatic Invasive Plants

Experts agree that it is easier and less expensive to prevent new incursions of invasive species than it is to remove them once they're established.  Some ways that you can help include:


Choose native flowers and shrubs for your yard and gardens.  Do not dump contents of exotic water gardens into wetlands or ponds.


Clean boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddles thoroughly before using them in a different water body.  Be sure to empty bilge water and rinse of boat trailers as well.


Do not dump contents of aquariums into wetlands or ponds.  Fish and plants from aquariums are often non-native species.


Take action - become an aquatic invasive volunteer monitor.  Contact the Saugus River Watershed Council at srw@shore.net to find out more about how you can help identify, prevent and remove aquatic plants from the Saugus River watershed.

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