Wheelabrator Saugus

The Saugus River Watershed Council has commented on numerous environmental permitting and policy issues related to the Wheelabrator Saugus waste incinerator and landfill. 

The following documents are included here for reference:

SRWC 2009 Letter Regarding Wheelabrator NPDES

May 2011 Legal Complaint (Massachusetts v. Wheelabrator)

May 2011 $7.5 Million Consent Judgement (Wheelabrator)

SRWC Statement Regarding Wheelabrator Violations, May 2011

SRWC 2013 Letter Regarding DEP Moratorium

SRWC 2015 Letter Concerns Regarding Wheelabrator Saugus

SRWC 2015 Statement Concerns Regarding Wheelabrator Saugus


Alliance for Health and Environment

About the Alliance for Health and Environment

AllianceforHealthandEnvironment PR 24May2016

Wheelabrator Proposed Landfill Expansion 2016

Final ENF for Distribution 05272016 Wheelabrator