Saugus River Fish Monitoring
The Saugus River Watershed Council, MA Division of Marine Fisheries, National Park Service, and the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission have been working in partnership to monitor and restore anadromous fisheries in the Saugus River watershed. 
The Saugus River provides important habitat for American eel, rainbow smelt, herring and many other species of fish. SRWC and its partners have conducted the following projects:

    • Installed a ramp which enables American Eels to migrate upstream to freshwater areas where they mature before heading downstream and out to the Sargasso Sea to spawn. 
    • Conducted a five-year rainbow smelt monitoring program in the Saugus River.
    • Conducted a smelt spawning habitat survey in the Saugus River and Shute Brook.

For information about these projects, please contact the Council at

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